Artificial Intelligence Evangelist Olusola Amusan on Educating About Artificial Intelligence

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ARLINGTON, TX / ACCESSWIRE / October 28, 2020 / Since the advancement of technology, many concepts that were thought to be impossible have been realized. Among the greatest innovations that have emerged from the digital wave is Artificial Intelligence, an idea conceived as early as the stories in Greek mythology. Olusola Amusan is an expert who founded Coven Works, a company that educates people about Artificial Intelligence.

Olusola Amusan, also known as the Artificial Intelligence Evangelist, came from humble beginnings. He grew up in Modakeke, Osun State in south-western Nigeria. From a young age, Olusola showed promise as he volunteered for Society for Women and Aids in Africa and founded the Young Elites Club, forming great leadership qualities. Since then, he would go on to greater things.

Around 2008, Olusola began creating a high impact coding program that would train 4,600 people who are now top software developers and decision-makers in technology companies today. Olusola was inspired to start his first business when he attended the Federal University of Technology Akure, which taught computer science students Fortran 77, a language that was considered obsolete at the time.

Olusola Amusan started his career by working as a research assistant intern with the First Bank of Nigeria Professional Chair in computer science in 2013. There he mainly focused on contributory indices to cybercrime in Nigeria. A year later, he was appointed as the Head Corporate Citizenship at Microsoft Nigeria.

During that time, Olusola started thinking about filling the widening skill gap for Data Scientists and Artificial Intelligence domain roles. He would stumble on a report that stated that 50% of all Global organizations would require one form of automation or the other by the year 2022. Having spent time around the Microsoft cloud and its AI competencies, Olusola saw an opportunity. To prepare the world for that wave of automation, he would have to reskill people, whether they were technical or not.

Olusola Amusan would later join Coven Works, helping them expand the team's effort to train, consult, and recruit technology talents. Coven Works is one of the few companies that drive Artificial Intelligence knowledge across Africa and North America through boot camps, consulting sessions, and AI product development. The company's mission is to build tomorrow's workforce. Coven Works educates young people about the technology of the future and the future of technology.

Coven Work is also in partnership with Fortune 500 companies like Google and Amazon Web Services. The company has been backed by C5 Capital and Amazon Web services. Among their achievements, Coven Works has completed education programs for Amazon Web Services, the World Bank, GIZ, Sterling Bank of Nigeria, and Shell, among others. By 2019, Olusola Amusan would leave Microsoft to join Coven Works full-time.

Olusola hopes that Coven Works will expand and help educate Fortune 1000 companies to build their AI strategies and help them lead with an AI-ready workforce. They are targeting growth in their business to serve thousands of American businesses and support the government in efforts to improve the penetration of STEM in schools, coding in communities, and innovation as a culture of the American people.

As an immigrant-owned and black-owned business, Coven Works aims for a global expansion and will continue to invest in African countries for human capital and industrialization. They will begin operations in Ghana in January 2021.

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