Artist Banksy leaves new mural in Ukrainian village

Artist Banksy unveiled a new mural on Friday in a war-torn Ukrainian village outside Bucha.

The mural, seen on the side of a bombed-out building in Borodyanka, features a female gymnast balancing in a handstand atop a pile of debris, according to photos shared by the anonymous artist on Instagram.

Borodyanka lies less than 20 miles from Bucha, a city in the Kyiv region where some of the first alleged Russian atrocities of the war in Ukraine were discovered. After Russian forces withdrew from the region in early April, Ukrainian officials uncovered mass graves in Bucha, leading the country to file the first charges of war crimes against Moscow.

Borodyanka was hit particularly hard in Russia’s early bombardment of the region surrounding Ukraine’s capital. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in April that the situation was “significantly more dreadful” in Borodyanka than it was in Bucha.

Another mural depicting a judo match between a young boy and a man recently appeared in Borodyanka, which some suspect was also painted by Banksy, according to the BBC. However, the artist has not yet confirmed that the piece is his.

In that piece, the man who appears to resemble Russian President Vladimir Putin is being flipped to the ground by the young boy.

Ukraine has scored several major victories against Putin in recent months. Despite Putin’s asserted claim on four Ukrainian regions, Russian forces have been forced to retreat from the city of Lyman in the annexed region of Donetsk and from the city of Kherson, which also lies in an annexed region.

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