Vietnam artist known for land rights, death row work briefly detained

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    If you are a Westerners visiting that country, just limit your freedom of speech there especially anything regarding the government. Basically, keep your thought to yourself. Just enjoy the food, scenarios and pretty women.
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    There is NO Land Rights in a Communist Country...Look up the word communist.
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    There is no law under Communist Rules !
    Their lawyer has to follow the Communist Party guide line .
    Wasting time to have a lawyer , not going to help anything .
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    Vietnam has law about human's very hard to believe the communist will give you any rights.
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    Highway to Yaeweh
    These stories are ignored because, Vietnam is now a useful cog against China. Depending on Vietnam stance on China will dictate the stories coming out of the media. Positive or negative.
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    When I was in Hoi An (VN), I made my point by telling people I could stand on the street corner in USA and loudly bad mouthing Obama while the american police would drive past doing nothing. They all understood.
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    more proof the war we fought & men killed or wounded was for naught
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    People always says: VN has many many laws,could count as many trees in the jungle, but they only use one law, called jungle law !
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    sounds like some local police and his thugs made up some b.s. to steal the artist's electronic equipment.
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    Vietnam. The cheapest Asian party tourist destination, yet no one comes.