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Artist displays snapshot of George Floyd-inspired civil rights movement

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George Floyd's death sparked a movement across America and in NYC -- snapshots of the movements are now on display in Brooklyn.

Video Transcript

- George Floyd's death sparked a movement across America and right here at home. Snapshots of that movement now on display at a Brooklyn gallery. Eyewitness News, Race and Culture reporter, Crystal Cranmore introduces us to the young artist behind the Lens

CHRIS COOK: Even in this day and age, we're still fighting.

- In [INAUDIBLE] Brooklyn-

CHRIS COOK: The message is very clear that police brutality is still going on.

- A snapshot of the Civil rights movement that spread throughout New York City and beyond last summer in the days following the death of George Floyd. 15 images from Chris Cook's Black Lives Matter series, now part of the Am I Next collection at the Welancor Gallery. It's Cooks' very first solo show.

CHRIS COOK: There's a lot of emotions that I have felt and I try to pour that into some of the images that you see in the gallery.

- A combination of limited edition action shots and portraits like this one, a woman wearing the words Enough on a shirt. And an American flag as a face covering with the names of black victims of police brutality.

What does it mean to you to have been able to be so close on the front lines?

CHRIS COOK: I felt that it was a huge opportunity. I feel like it's a full circle, mainly because that I'm showcasing work from in the same area I grew up in.

IVY JONES: Sometimes it's difficult for young curators and young artists to find professional outlet to express themselves.

- Ivy Jones is the founder of the Welancor Gallery, which represents and promotes artists of color. She selected Cook's photos.

IVY JONES: I was particularly drawn to the images that have the signs.

- And named the exhibit.

IVY JONES: Am I next is really the question that black people have been asking, probably since like the middle passage. To me, it just says that we have a long way to go.

- Cook's work will be at the gallery through April 10th.