Artist Isaac Pelayo builds 'Mona Lisa' wall in Beverly Hills

The LA-based visual artist has unveiled his latest street art installation, entitled "Isaac's Wall," in a video on Instagram.

The large-scale installation, spotted by Hypebeast, is located across the street from Gagosian Beverly Hills and features a concrete wall.

One side is a replica of the wall on which Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" hangs at the Louvre in Paris. The masterpiece has been revisited by Pelayo to incorporate his signature "third eye" motif.

The other side of the installation, which is covered with graffiti, is a reference to the "great wall" along the US-Mexico border that US president Donald Trump vowed to build during his mandate.

Among the graffiti tags is a wheatpaste portrait of Pelayo's grandparents, who were Mexican immigrants, drawn by his father.

Pelayo told Hypebeast that the artwork is "a commentary and protest on Trump's wall."

Indeed, the painting "Mona Lisa", or "Isaac's Lisa" as the artist called it, is topped with the inscription "Walls are for art! Not dividing people..."

Pelayo's "Isaac Wall" is the latest politically-charged installation to comment on US president Donald Trump's border wall.

Last March, Italian-Canadian conceptual artist Cosimo Cavallero began to build a six-feet-high cheese wall along the US-Mexico border.

The ongoing installation, entitled "Make America Grate Again," is made entirely of blocks of expired cotija cheese.