Artist plans to re-do downtown mural

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Jul. 22—The mural on the corner of Lee and Wesley Street will soon be replaced with a new one.

Both the current mural, which is a tribute to live music, and its planned replacement, titled "Hello/Goodbye," are by Greenville-born artist Brandon Adams.

Adams' decision to re-do the mural largely has to do with creating one that will better withstand the weathering of time.

"I'm going to replace the one that was done in 2017, and put a better base coat underneath it to hold the bricks together as they are starting to deteriorate," Adams said.

As far as the inspiration or message behind the upcoming piece of public art, Adams likes the more subjective concept of "Hello/Goodbye."

"This mural, 'Hello/Goodbye,' can mean something different to everyone," Adams said. "It could be hello to the future, goodbye to the past, hello to new relationships, goodbye to old ones. It was even the title of a famous song by The Beatles.

"Whatever Hello/Goodbye means to you, it's two words everyone can relate too," Adams said.

Adams hopes to begin priming the wall at 2800 Lee St. in about a week, but is currently reaching out to the community for donations to help with the installation of the new mural, through crowdfunding site GoFundMe.

"This is one of the few remaining properties in downtown Greenville that is visible to passing car and foot traffic," Adams said. "These funds will go towards renting a scissor lift, base paint to seal the wall, spray paint can colors, tape, rollers, plastic sheeting, and supplies. Any donations are greatly appreciated."

So far, Adams has raised about $1,100 toward his fundraising goal of $3,000. The direct link to Adams' fundraiser is

Adams has been painting murals in downtown Greenville since January 2017, and has also done murals in several other cities and has paintings hanging in galleries from Australia to Germany.

His other two murals in Greenville are "Hope," which is on the east wall of the Hunt County Children's Advocacy Center, and the highly visible "Today is the Day," on the corner of Oak and Washington Street.

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