Artist says work sent to Chicago gallery stolen after FedEx driver left it outside

The portraits were supposed to be delivered with a signature ensuring acceptance, but surveillance video the driver left them outside the closed Galley 19.

Video Transcript

- "New At 10:00", a Texas artist hoping to exhibit her work at her first gallery show here in Chicago says. It's all been lost because of the carelessness of a FedEx driver. And surveillance video shows the artwork being left outside Gallery 19 near Pilson. Artist Melinda Ruth says FedEx claimed someone had signed for it, but the gallery was closed that day. The company has now agreed to compensate her, but she feels that doesn't make it right.

MELINDA RUTH As an artist, that's an extension of you. And like, what's-- you're doing these pieces for, like there's a message behind them. And now the messages behind both those pieces will not be able to get out there in public.

- In a statement to ABC 7, FedEx says, quote, the security of our customers shipments is a top priority, and we apologize for this situation.