Artist sprays iconic "Beyond Walls" frescoes in Cape Town

This graffiti goes beyond walls and onto land

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

French artist Saype spray painted a 'Beyond Walls' fresco

in Cape Town's impoverished Philippi shanty town

FRENCH-SWISS ARTIST, SAYPE, SAYING:"For me, I really trust that it's only together that humanity can respond to the biggest challenge of our time. And this is the message that I want to do by making huge fresco with biodegradable paint, directly on the grass. It is world-wide project and the idea is to create the biggest human chain to speak about togetherness and today in Cape Town this is the ninth step of this project."

Saype's frescoes depict two people’s hands gripping each other’s forearms

and have featured in cities across the world

Location: Paris, France

Location: Ougadougou, Burkina Faso

Location: Yamoussourko, Ivory Coast