Artist's polar bear snow sculptures represent climate change

A local artist has made use of the recent snowstorms to craft bear sculptures in New York City.

Video Transcript

- Well, a lot of snow sculptures have popped up in Central Park with all the storms that we've been seeing, including these polar bears. A local artist built all the bears out of the recent snow. Of course, they'll melt soon, a symbol of the, the threat of climate change that exists. The artist says if you want to communicate that message, that you need to get people's attention.

HEIDE HATRY: Sometimes make something beautiful or something, what, is attractive, and then people stop and have some kind of positive feeling. And only then, you have the possibility to, to actually talk to them.

- But the bears are mostly in the West 80s. The artist invites children passing by to give them a hug. Lee, my son built a snowman in his front yard, and we're going to say was for climate change also.