Artonique Launches Online Art Boutique for High-End Contemporary Art: New Transparency for a Multibillion-Dollar Art Market


VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Aug. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Artonique ( recently announced the debut of its curated, online art boutique intended for the serious investor. Featuring vetted artists and investment-grade pieces valued at $10,000 and up, Artonique is positioned to be the first serious digital contender in what has traditionally been a closed marketplace for new vendors. With a growing collection including some of the art industry's contemporary heavyweights, Artonique sheds light on the traditional market while paving the way for newer artists to receive the acclaim and exposure they deserve.

"The current high-end contemporary art market has historically been one of the most manipulated and outdated industries in the world," said Kunal  Vatsya, CEO of Artonique. "Auctioned through prestigious art houses, or sold through close-knit art dealers, art pieces are so exclusive as to be nearly impossible to purchase by over 99 percent of the public. And in turn, contemporary artists who are doing absolutely stunning, museum-quality work are shut out of the industry simply because they are not friends with the right curators, or are slightly less known than those on rarely updated lists of canonized 'masters.' We've changed all that with Artonique. Now, high-end collectors and high-end artists can connect directly without having to negotiate with traditional gatekeepers."

Artonique: A Platform Dedicated to Artists

Artonique features a rapidly growing high-end artist base represented by a state-of-the-art digital platform and skilled crew of curators. New features are regularly added to enhance the online gallery experience, while also fostering strategic partnerships with artists, other galleries and private collectors to help enhance and maintain Artonique's overall value. There are no hidden fees, no buyer premiums and no inflated commissions.

Collectors can benefit from these low gallery commissions, which offers them greater buying power, while artists receive more acclaim and proceeds from their work. Artists benefit from a fully managed boutique experience, increased exposure, larger personal revenue and bonuses, as well as a pool of collectors they can trust. And all transactions are safe and secure.

Artists are welcome to learn more about the art submissions and review process HERE.    

The Artonique Advantage: Collectors Meet Established Artists

With vetted, experienced artists and original, one-of-a-kind artworks, Artonique hosts a collection that features a growing body of dazzling investment-grade artwork. Artonique offers some of the industry's current superstar artists, with a wide variety of sculpture, paintings, photography and mixed media from around the globe. Including:

  • David M. Mitchell — Photography: A British-born, Bangkok-based renowned photographer, David began his career in the early eighties in London. His clients and collectors include Christian Dior, Laura Biagiotti, Vogue, De Beers Diamonds and many others.
  • Margaret Zox Brown — Visual Art: Margaret is an award-winning artist based in Manhattan. She studied oil painting at New York City's 92nd Street Y for 29 years. Her personal color-language fluency, varying textures, and creative intuition unite to create a distinct emotional presence felt in all of her work. Margaret's pieces are avidly sought by both private collectors and public space acquisitions alike.

A solid investment, global art sales reached nearly $68 billion in 2017, with $2.6 billion of that representing the collected work of living artists like those currently represented by Artonique.

About Artonique

Founded by a practicing artist, Artonique is a unique, online art boutique created for the buying and selling of high-end art. But like all great art, Artonique was based on an inspiration. An inspiration to bring transparency to what has traditionally been an opaque industry. An inspiration that allows artists to continue raising the bar while producing great art. And an inspiration that drives a commitment toward ease, transparency, integrity and excellence in art commerce. Learn more about Artonique's mission to bring the great works of contemporary artists to a global market at:  


Kunal Vatsya, CEO,



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