Arts Center Dance Party to send audience 'Back to the '90s'

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May 23—LIMA — The Arts Center will hold its annual Dance Party "Back to the '90s" at 3 and 7 p.m. Saturday at the Veterans Memorial Civic and Convention Center in Lima.

The 15th annual recital will feature music from the '90s and Jill Garlock, owner and event director of the center, said that the student performers are having fun learning the steps, which they have been practicing all year.

"A lot of the parents graduated in the '90s so they'll have a chance to look back at their time and listen to the songs they loved in high school," she said. "The kids recognize the songs too which is nice because it was before their time. Two hundred of them will be dancing to 41 songs from ages 2 to 19 and since this is our 15th year, we'll have an alumni dance so kids from the past will also take the stage and it will be a fun celebration."

Garlock said that she taught a lot of the dances as an instructor and that a lot of work has gone into the planning of the event.

"I'm looking forward to getting reunited with some of the alumni dancers and seeing the kids shine on stage," she said. "They work all year for this one opportunity to be on stage so I can't wait to see each child have a good time up there."

Garlock said that it is important to her to give kids a chance to get involved with activities like the dance party.

"It's so great to see them smile on stage and interacting with their families afterwards," she said. "There are so many activities that right now that pull kids away and it's great to have something for kids to be active and be up on stage having pride in themselves. It just fills my heart to be a part of it."

Garlock said that she hopes that the audience takes away a similar lesson from the event.

"The dance is for everyone and watching their children up on stage, parents will feel a lot of pride and excitement," she said. "It's a great opportunity and performing arts are wonderful for the confidence of a child and being surrounded by their family is just wonderful this time of year."

Tickets for the dance party are on sale now at the Civic Center website and box office.

For more information on The Arts Center and the programs it offers, including summer classes, visit its website.

Dance Party "Back to the '90s"

—Performances at 3 and 7 p.m. Saturday at the Civic Center

—The 15th annual recital will feature music from the '90s

—Tickets on sale now at the Civic Center website and box office

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