Arvada Center's Wood Works Explores The Endless Inspiration Of Wood: 'Kind Of Magical'

The galleries at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities are offering several ways to explore the inspiration of wood in art.

Video Transcript

- If you're looking for opportunities to get out of your house, the art galleries of the Arvada Center are open. As Mekialaya White shows us, the current exhibit honors all that's around us.

COLLIN PARSON: Kind of magical, mystical feeling.

MEKIALAYA WHITE: A circle of life-sized trees is at the heart of Wood.Works, the latest exhibit at the Arvada Center.

PATRIC MAROLD: The origin of all these pieces is a tree.

MEKIALAYA WHITE: Artist Patrick Marold hopes you'll feel the forest created by these trees.

PATRIC MAROLD: I hope they just feel something entering it or walking around it.

MEKIALAYA WHITE: Marold's piece is wood in its rawest form.

PATRIC MAROLD: All of these were just collected from a nearby forest.

MEKIALAYA WHITE: The rest of Wood.Works. shows the mediums in all its various forms-- stained, glued, painted, and peeled.

COLLIN PARSON: I just hope it expands their thinking of what is art, what can be art, and what can be made from wood as an artistic medium.

MEKIALAYA WHITE: This artist carved the heads of his family members, a reminiscence of family dinners. There are works from a total of 23 Colorado artists on display.

COLLIN PARSON: I like the resourcefulness of wood. When I grew up as a kid I remember, "Oh, you don't get paper bags," because, "Oh, we want to save the trees." But now we look at wood as actually a sustainable resource.

MEKIALAYA WHITE: From tree to crate, wood is an important part of our built world and a beautiful part of the art world.

I'm Mekialaya White, covering Colorado First.

- Oh, I love wood. Wood.Works runs through April 25 at the Arvada Center. You need to register, though, before you go. Mask and temperature checks are required.