Asbury Park Schools Going Remote After 5 COVID-19 Cases

Tom Davis
·1 min read

ASBURY PARK – The Asbury Park School District has had five confirmed positive cases of COVID-19, all of which were the result of outside activity and not in-school interactions, officials said.

As a result, Asbury Park schools will transition to a full remote-learning environment beginning Wednesday.

Notifying individuals or identifying those who have tested positive for COVID-19 has been handled by the Monmouth County Health Department, officials said.

Notification is not done by the Asbury Park School District.

The schedule will be as follows:

  • November 18th- December 11, 2020 – Full Remote

  • December 14th – December 23, 2020 – Hybrid (Blue and Bishop Days)

  • January 4th – January 15, 2021– Full Remote

  • January 19th – Hybrid Schedule (Blue and Bishop Days)

Please note that numbers 2 and 4 are in bold as the return to Hybrid schedule which includes alternating in-person instruction with remote instruction will be based on infection rates and rates of transmission in the city, county and state.

If the rate increase impacts the school community in a way that impacts the ability to ensure health and safety, the district will not return and the remote schedule will be extended.

This article originally appeared on the Asbury Park Patch