Ashanti reveals ‘surreal’ way her mum predicted Hollywood Walk of Fame star

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Ashanti and her mother attended the ceremony (Getty Images)
Ashanti and her mother attended the ceremony (Getty Images)

As Ashanti was honoured with a Hollywood Walk of Fame star, the singer’s mum held the imitation plaque she bought her daughter 20 years ago.

The singer’s mother, Tina Douglas, said she’d bought a souvenir star for her daughter because she believed she would “get one of these one day”, BBC reports.

In her acceptance speech, Ashanti explained that Douglas had bought the plaque years ago during a trip to LA: “She’s had this for over 20 years, from the first trip to LA when I was recording my album.”

The singer said: “My mum’s first trip to LA... she went in and bought one of the little fake Hollywood stars from the souvenir place and she got my name put on the star, and she came back and said ‘you’re gonna get one of these one day.’

“I said, ‘Ma, I don’t think we’re gonna get one of those!’”

She then invited her mother onto the stage and showed the souvenir to the crowd.

Douglas said: “I told her, ‘you are going to get one of these stars.’”

After she unveiled her star, Ashanti told Billboard: “It’s surreal... I’m shocked, stunned and over the top grateful. This is a staple in my career and the fact that it will be here forever is a big deal.”

“The fact that my mom spoke this into existence is surreal,” the singer added. “She really had that feeling as a mother to say, ‘My child is gonna get this.’ She manifested it and I’m forever grateful.”

The award winning R&B singer is known for hits such as “Baby” and “Foolish”, and has recently been sampled by British rapper Aitch.

Ashanti’s first album landed her a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for fastest-selling female debut album.