Ashford voters to pick first selectman

Michelle Warren, The Chronicle, Willimantic, Conn.
·1 min read

Feb. 22—ASHFORD — Interim Democratic First Selectman Cathryn Silver- Smith and Republican Selectman Bill Falletti will face off in a special election for first selectman Tuesday.

The election is being held after former Ashford First Selectman Ralph Fletcher retired in August in the middle of his term.

According to Silver-Smith, after she and Falletti couldn't come to an agreement on who would be first selectman, the decision fell to Fletcher's party, the Democrats.

That meant Silver- Smith took on the role.

" We followed the state statutes on how to fill that vacancy," Silver- Smith said.

But another part of the state statute allowed for residents to petition for a special election 15 days after someone was put into office to fill that seat, which was done.

Hence, voters will go to the polls Tuesday at Knowlton Memorial Town Hall, 25 Pompey Hollow Road, from 6 a.m. to 8 p. m. to finish Fletcher's two- year term, which ends this November.

A new municipal election for the next term will take place this November.

Both candidates have extensive experience in town politics.

Silver-Smith, who is 69, was on the board of finance for 18 years, 16 of which she was chairman, and has been on the board of selectmen for three and a half years.

Falletti, who is 75, has been on the board