Ashley Graham praised for nude photo showing off stretch marks

Chelsea Ritschel

Ashley Graham is being praised for promoting body positivity after sharing an unedited nude photo that shows off her stretch marks.

The plus-size supermodel, who announced this week that she is expecting her first child with husband Justin Ervin, shared the photo to Instagram on Sunday.

Graham captioned the picture, where she appears to be sitting down: “Same same but a little different.”

In less than an hour, the picture had already been liked more than 400,000 times, and received hundreds of comments from people thanking Graham for sharing the “honest” and “relatable” photo.

“You make me feel like my stretch marks are normal and not ugly,” one woman wrote.

Another said: “Thank you! This could easily be a picture of me and I love that!”

“Thanks for this,” someone else commented. “I wish I would’ve seen these types of photos when I was growing up!”

Graham has frequently been outspoken about the need for accurate representations of female bodies in the fashion industry.

In March, the supermodel criticised publications that airbrush and called on women to “demand respect”.