Ashton Kutcher says wife Mila Kunis had ‘sound logic’ in not letting him go to space

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher (Getty Images)

Ashton Kutcher reflected on his wife Mila Kunis’ decision to not let him go into space, saying she had “sound logic” to convince him to give up the $200,000 ticket.

Nearly a decade before the actor and tech investor became a father, Kutcher secured himself a ticket aboard Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic flight to space. The billionaire and his five crewmates travelled to space on 11 July 2021, but Kutcher was not on board. Instead, he sold back the $200,000 ticket he bought from Virgin Galactic for the flight.

Shortly after the trip, Kutcher explained that Kunis “encouraged” him to rethink the decision.

“When I got married and had kids, my wife basically encouraged that it was not a smart family decision to be heading into space when we had young children,” he told Cheddar News last year.

Now, it seems Kutcher has come to terms with his wife’s reasoning for making him give up his ticket to space. In an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live with guest host David Alan Grier on Thursday, the actor recalled his desires to travel to space, which were shut down by Kunis.

“I was supposed to be on the first flight on Virgin Galactic to space,” he told Grier. “I bought a ticket for it. I had the ticket for it.”

“But then we had kids and [Mila’s] like, ‘Do you want to be on the first flight or the 50th flight?’” he explained. Looking back, Kutcher admitted: “She had sound logic. And yeah, she made me give it up.”

While the No Strings Attached star may think his wife was in the right, Kunis said she regrets urging Kutcher not to go on the trip to space. The actress told People last year that she has second thoughts about asking Kutcher not to go to space.

“We get together nine years ago and he was like, ‘I have a ticket to go to space.’ I was like, ‘Oh, okay.’ I was like, ‘That’s fun, have fun,’” she told the outlet.

“The fact that I didn’t let him go into space was so selfish of me, but I was a new mom and I was like, ‘You can’t leave me and the babies,’” she said. “And so that’s where that decision was made out of.”

Kunis added: “I want everybody to know I probably would have let him to go to space now, but now it’s too late.”

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have been married since 2015 and share two children – daughter Wyatt, seven, son Dimitri, five.