ASIAN AMERICAN ATTACKS: Another brutal attack on an Asian American caught on video tape in Oakland

Another brutal attack on an Asian American caught on video tape in Oakland

Video Transcript

- Tonight, yet another brutal attack against a member of the Asian community. It was caught on camera here in the Bay Area. This time a man in his 50s beaten in Oakland's Old Town. KPIX 5's Betty Yu spoke to the victim and the witness who recorded the attack.

- The video begins with the struggle on the sidewalk. You can see the suspect punched the victim in the head repeatedly. This happened on 10th Street between MLK and Jefferson Street in Oakland around 7:20 this morning. The Asian victim is in his late 50s and didn't want to go on camera. He tells KPIX 5 he was on his way to get his morning coffee when he was attacked from behind.

ANGELA CHUK: The perpetrator was sitting on top of the victim holding him down physically and landing blows to his face, his chest, and the victim was struggling, screaming for help. You know it lasted maybe 20 to 30 seconds as we were yelling for him to stop.

- Angela Chuk and her siblings tried to distract the suspect and called 911. After the suspect hits the victim yet again, you can see him go after his attacker chasing him into the street. The suspect hops into a car and drives off. The victim says he suffered bruising and swelling to his face, and the suspect wasn't successful in taking his wallet. Angela Chuk is in town visiting her brother.

ANGELA CHUK: I have been warning my brother to be extra vigilant and to be careful. But that it is an entirely different experience seeing it firsthand right outside my brother's window. It was chilling. It was disturbing. It was-- it was unthinkable. It was-- it was horrifying.

- The family hopes in sharing this video someone will recognize the assailant. In Oakland, Betty Yu, KPIX 5.