Asian American Attacks: Suspect In SF Attack On 2 Asian Women In Custody; Grandson Speaks Out

The suspect in a vicious attack on two older Asian women is in custody. Betty Yu has an exclusive interview with one victim's grandson.

Video Transcript

- Looking live at San Francisco. And tonight, the suspect in a vicious attack on two older Asian women is in custody. The latest in a wave of violence against the Asian community. KPIX 5's Betty Yu is live with some late breaking details. Betty.

BETTY YU: Ken, Tenderloin police officers arrested that suspect two hours after the attacks. Tonight I spoke exclusively with the grandson of the 85-year-old victim. He says that at this hour, his grandmother is still in surgery at SF General, and the family is praying that she pulls through. This is 85-year-old Chuy Fong Eng. Her grandson tells me she just finished grocery shopping in Chinatown and was waiting for the bus on Market Street near 4th, when she was attacked.

DREW ENG: She was on the N-Judah, or going on to the N-Judah, waiting for it. And I guess she was attacked from behind, and stabbed through the arm and into the chest. And they had to keep her that way and strap her tight until they got to the hospital. She was in the ambulance.

BETTY YU: Market Street, typically busy with pedestrians and car traffic, was the scene of a double stabbing just before 5:00 PM. Police say the other victim was an Asian woman in her 60s.

DREW ENG: She didn't know the other victim. They were both at the bus stop, and both stabbed there I think. The other lady was stabbed first.

BETTY YU: A 54-year-old San Francisco resident was arrested on Eddie Street. The attack happened in front of several witnesses.

JENNY SHAO: The assailant, essentially, just walked up to their victim, stabbed them, and very casually walked away in broad daylight.

BETTY YU: This witness didn't want to show her face, but saw the man moments before the attack.

- He got a knife on his right hand side, and he was holding really tight, like he wanted to do something. And before you know, he was behind this lady with a black jacket, and you see all the fellows came after him. I'm sure he slice her, and then she screamed.

DREW ENG: You just don't think it's going to happen so close to home until it does. So you just got to be super aware of your loved ones and, you know, just take care of them as much as you can, even if it's inconvenient for you. You got to go and help them get groceries, do whatever they need to do, but you just got to be with them.

BETTY YU: And Drew also added that his grandmother's surgery has been going on for more than two hours tonight. He also added that his grandmother has lived in San Francisco for some 50 years, and nothing like this has ever happened to her. Ken.

- Unfortunately it's a story we keep having to tell every night, Betty. It's just something that's been going on, not only in the city, but around the Bay Area. Betty Yu reporting live. Thank you.