Asian American man recalls attack in NYC subway

A Filipino American man recalled a February attack while riding a New York City subway car that left him with a slash across his face. (April 1)

Video Transcript

NOEL QUINTANA: Then I've been attacked in the subway, unprovoked. I'm going to work on that day, February 3, and while in the train, somebody came in and just slashed my face unprovokedly. It's a full-packed train, and I didn't receive any assistance from any of the other riders, and I felt alone. And when I called for help, nobody came.

So nobody came for help, so I step out of the train and I look elsewhere to seek for help. It is important that almost every New Yorker, how to respond to this kind of occasion. I don't go out so much now, because there's a lot of violence in the streets, and I don't feel safe.