Asian TikToker's video asking why he was the only Cracker Barrel diner given 'fine china' goes viral

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An Asian TikTok user’s lighthearted take on being the only customer served food on a “fine China plate” at a restaurant has become a viral hit.

User @therealricemoney described a recent dining experience at a Cracker Barrel outlet in which his food was served on a ceramic plate.

The seven-second video, which has so far been viewed over 400,000 times, showed the user displaying the empty plate. In the caption, he asked for an explanation why “no one else got this plate.”

“Cracker Barrel why did you guys bring the only Asian guy in the restaurant a fine China plate,” read the text overlay in the short clip. ”I’m not even Chinese.”

@therealricemoney #DisneyPlusVoices cracker barrel pls explain to me, no one else got this plate bro😭😭 #fyp #abruknanahi #crackerbarrel ♬ original sound - joe

The original poster’s comical use of text-to-speech character voices from Disney Plus appears to indicate that the post is not meant to be taken seriously.

Still, commenters offered their explanations on why the diner ended up with a seemingly special plate.

One user who claims to work in the restaurant shared that some food items on the menu do come on different plates, noting, “I promise it’s corporate policy, not racism.”

Another purported employee chimed in to also share, “Certain plates are used for specific meals. It’s a way to promote certain new items.”

In response to yet another commenter who gave a similar reason, @therealricemoney wrote that he posted the video because his girlfriend was given a normal plate.

Featured Image via @therealricemoney

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