Ask Angelia: Readers seek answers about replacing, retiring American flags

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The flag in front of Bon Secours Wellness Arena
The flag in front of Bon Secours Wellness Arena

Question: Just wondering what individual might be contacted about the condition of the American flag flying in front of what used to be called BI-LO Center. It seems small in comparison to the pole that it is flying from, but the flag itself is ragged and has holes in it. Really should be replaced!

Answer: The group to contact about that flag would be the Greenville Arena District, which owns and operates the Bon Secours Wellness Arena, the district's website said.

I spoke with Dante Russo, the current board chair of the Greenville Arena District Board of Directors, on Monday about the reader's question. His response was to get the flag changed immediately. The board doesn't usually get involved in the day-to-day operations of the arena, he said, but "if there's concern externally, absolutely we'll address it today."

"We want to make sure that we're in good standing with everybody in the community since we are a community building," he said.

Russo connected me via email to Beth Paul, manager of the arena. Paul said the flag had been replaced two months ago, "however, recent weather conditions may have contributed to its current state."

She, too, said the flag would be changed right away.

Question 2: "I have 2-3 American flags that are in poor condition after flying in front of my house. Is there an organization that properly disposes of American flags, preferably in Pickens County?

Answer: One organization would be the Pickens County Veterans Affairs Office, at 222 McDaniel Ave., B-13 in Pickens. A woman who answered the phone when I called that office said flags are collected there. Then, American Legion Posts in that area hold ceremonies for the retired flags.

Many American Legion posts conduct disposal of unserviceable flag ceremonies on June 14, Flag Day, according to the American Legion website.

In Greenville County, an American flag can be properly retired by dropping it off in a special bin located at County Square at the entrance near the War Memorial, according to Bob Mihalic, the Greenville County coordinator of governmental affairs.

If you're looking from the parking lot at flagpole/Council entrance, it would be all the way to the right, Mihalic said.

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This article originally appeared on Greenville News: Readers Ask Angelia who to contact to replace, retire America Flags

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