Ask Angelia: Why are the lights out on a portion of Interstate 85 in Greenville County?

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A view of I-85 from the bridge on Mauldin Road Saturday, August 31, 2019. File Photo.
A view of I-85 from the bridge on Mauldin Road Saturday, August 31, 2019. File Photo.

Question: "I've noticed for several years that the lights mounted on the concrete divider in the middle of I-85 between Mauldin Road (and maybe even further north) and the Saluda River do not work. Also, a number of the pole-mounted lights at the interchanges do not operate. Would you be able to find out when SCDOT plans to repair these?"

Answer: At the moment, it's not clear when or if those lights will be repaired.

Pete Poore, spokesperson for the state Department of Transportation (DOT), said the current lighting system there is non-repairable, but the issue may be addressed during future widening.

The overhead lighting on I-85, from Mile Marker 41 to 46, was installed in the late 1990s when I-85 was widened and the Interchange was being built, Poore said.

"The lighting is in very bad condition and we have repaired as much of the system that we can," he said.

The current SCDOT policy is if the local county or city requests lighting, we would enter into an agreement for maintenance and cost of installation with them."

That is not something Greenville County is currently considering, according to Bob Mihalic, Greenville County Governmental Affairs coordinator.

I also reached out to Beth Brotherton, director of communications and neighborhood relations for the city of Greenville, but did not get a response Tuesday.

The I-85/385 Gateway project does not have any lighting, Poore said.

He said the next I-85 widening project is on the list to be done and it will be determined at that time if lighting will be included.

I-85 is slated to go from six to eight lanes from near State 153 (Exit 40) to near SC 85 (Exit 69), with any associated bridge and Interchange improvements required due to interstate width, the DOT website said.

The construction year for the widening is 2026, the site said.

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This article originally appeared on Greenville News: Ask Angelia: When will Interstate-85 streetlights be repaired?

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