Aspirus Medical Monday: Cardiac rehabilitation

UPPER PENINSULA, Mich. (WJMN) — Valentine’s Day is this week, which usually signifies love, chocolates, and red and pink hearts, but on this Aspirus Medical Monday, the focus is on your physical heart health and cardiopulmonary rehab.

February is American Heart Month, a time when people are encouraged to focus on their cardiovascular health. According to Aspirus Health, cardiac rehab uses exercise and educational programs to assist patients with heart and lung problems to improve their physical conditioning while learning ways to better their lifestyle. Team Lead Exercise Physiologist Andrew Meverden at Aspirus Health explains what types of exercises are used in cardiac rehab.

Aspirus Medical Monday: The benefits of cardiac rehab

“Typically, we start off focusing more on cardiovascular exercises, such as treadmills, stepping machines, cycling machines for upper and lower body,” said Meverden. “And then as someone gets in it and we tailor it more specifically to their needs, if they’re able to, we would then start to do some strength training stuff at the end to kind of build them up. So, first focus duration and then secondly, trying to build up that strength to help them for all their needs based on how we tailor it.”

How long someone is in cardiac rehab depends on each individual’s situation. Meverden goes on to share the benefits from cardiac rehab.

“There’s quite a few different benefits, but to just try to highlight some of the bigger ones: reduced risks for reoccurring cardiovascular events or disease; increased strength and endurance,” Meverden explains. “You can have weight loss and lower blood pressure by maintaining a regular routine exercise program. Improves sleep and energy-wise with it. It can help with cognitive decline, help with stress and anxiety. And then another one is just kind of helping with manage diabetes as some of those high arching points for main focus.”

To learn more about cardiac rehab and the services provided through Aspirus Health, you can visit Cardiac Rehab | Aspirus Health Care.

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