Assault Charges Filed In Face Mask Attack At NJ Staples: Cops

Russ Crespolini
·2 min read

HACKENSACK, NJ - A 25-year-old Hackensack woman who attacked another patron at a Staples store on Hackensack Avenue over a request to wear a face covering, has been arrested and charged authorities said.

Terri Thomas was charged with second-degree aggravated assault following a reported mask attack last Wednesday on 54-year-old Margot Kagan, who recently had liver transplant surgery, police said.

Kagan, was inside a Staples in Hackensack that afternoon, when she reportedly asked Thomas to properly wear her face mask due to COVID-19 concerns, instead Thomas reportedly tossed her to the ground leaving Kagan with a fractured tibia.

The incident was captured via surveillance footage.

The video also shows the woman leave the frame and then exit the store. No one in the store intervened or responded to the victim's cries for help in the video, which you can view below.

Kagan was sent to Hackensack Medical Center to recover from her injuries.

Thomas was released on a summons pending her scheduled court appearance at 8:30 a.m. Aug. 24 in Central Judicial Municipal Court in Hackensack, police said.

"Detectives Demetrius Carroll, Ioannis Papanikolaou, and James Han, in particular, all did a fantastic job," said Detective Captain Darrin DeWitt. ""I also thank the Hackensack Staples store and the Staples corporate office for their cooperation, which was crucial in solving the case. I must add, Staples' employees immediately called 911 and tended to the victim within seconds of the assault. Unfortunately, the video clip that was released ends just prior to them helping her."

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