Associated Press NFT Artwork Sells for $180K in Ether

The Associated Press (AP) sold its non-fungible token (NFT) artwork Thursday for a hefty sum only eight days putting it up for auction.

The artwork, titled “The Associated Press calls the 2020 Presidential Election on Blockchain – A View from Outer Space,” sold for roughly 100 ETH ($180,000), according to data from NFT marketplace OpenSea.

Marking the first time a U.S. election was called on the blockchain, AP used an Ethereum address to declare the winner via Everipedia’s OraQle software.

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The piece of digital art is one of a kind, a 1/1 edition, depicting a visual of the electoral college map from space using election data AP published on-chain at the time.

CoinDesk originally reported on AP’s NFT auction earlier this month when the price was sitting at around $928 in wrapped ether.

The notable rise in value is in line with the recent NFT craze currently sweeping the cryptocurrency markets, with ether being the predominant medium of exchange among NFT marketplaces.

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