Asteroid Mining Corporation's Walking Robots Take First Steps Towards Resource Independence

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  • Asteroid Mining Corporation Ltd. (AMC) has closed a pre-seed round with Spanish company E2IN2 S.A.

  • The funding enables AMC to develop the Space Capable Asteroid Robotic Explorers (SCAR-E) programme in partnership with Tohoku University Space Robotics Laboratory (SRL).

  • SCAR-E will be capable of facilitating asteroid, planetary and lunar exploration and mining operations, as well as in-orbit asset maintenance.

  • The robot will also be commercially available across a range of terrestrial industries.

London, United Kingdom and Madrid, Spain and Sendai, Japan--(Newsfile Corp. - May 4, 2022) - Asteroid Mining Corporation Ltd. (AMC) secured an undisclosed pre-seed round from E2IN2 S.A. in October and has partnered with Tohoku University Space Robotics Laboratory (SRL) to develop the Space Capable Asteroid Robotic Explorers (SCAR-E) programme.

SCAR-E on an asteroid

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SCAR-E is being designed to open up the exploration of the Solar System, in line with current trends in the launch services market, with a low cost, highly functional, walking and climbing robot. Scalable up to 10x its initial size, SCAR-E will be capable of facilitating asteroid, planetary and lunar exploration and mining operations, as well as in-orbit asset maintenance i.e. spacewalking/EVAs.

The versatile, rugged robot will be available for commercial use across a range of destinations both on Earth and throughout the Solar System. Strong terrestrial beachhead markets include critical infrastructure inspection, nuclear decommission, remote sensing, disaster relief and search & rescue: reducing human exposure to hostile environments.

Mitch Hunter-Scullion, CEO and founder of AMC, states: "We are pleased to be partnered with E2IN2 and SRL on this exciting new mission to boldly send privately funded robotic platforms further throughout our Solar System than ever before. A new era is dawning in our relationship with our cosmic backyard, one which offers the opportunity to radically shift our global economy into a more environmentally friendly and socially just world through an increase in the supply of Platinum Group Metals, vital ingredients in the development of a new infrastructure based around hydrogen fuel cells. We welcome the opportunity to work with partners across the Earth in our efforts to build a brighter, more prosperous and sustainable future. In this increasingly fraught and unpredictable geopolitical era, space mining will allow nations to secure their own supply of critical resources."

​​"We are glad to support AMC, in line with E2IN2's commitment to promote the exploration of outer space," Valentín de Torres-Solanot, CEO of E2IN2, said in a statement. "Space mining is a very interesting field and boosting private initiatives at an early stage is crucial for its growth."

Director of SRL, Professor Yoshida, commented, "The partnership with AMC gives us a clear goal for our technology development, and great opportunities to contribute to the sustainability of our future with off-world resources."

About Asteroid Mining Corporation

AMC, founded in 2016, is the UK's first space mining enterprise, an aerospace company on a mission to exploit the potential of an off-Earth commercial market. Currently focussed on the prospecting and exploration stages, it ultimately aims to extract, process and utilise the materials embedded within some of the millions of Near Earth and Main Belt Asteroids.

About E2IN2

E2IN2, which stands for "Entrepreneurship and Innovation squared," is a Spanish company that supports projects that generate considerable economic and social value. E2IN2 also develops B2B technology solutions, such as AKIHI.

About Space Robotics Laboratory

Located in Sendai, Japan, as part of the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Tohoku University, SRL is dedicated to the research and development of robotic systems for space science and exploration missions. Assistant Professor Mickael Laine is leading the collaborative activities between SRL and AMC.

Elijah Puscas | Head of Investor Relations
Asteroid Mining Corporation Limited

Ana Álvarez de la Iglesia | Communications Officer
E2IN2 S.A.

Asteroid Mining Corporation Ltd. (AMC), E2IN2 S.A., Tohoku University Space Robotics Laboratory (SRL)

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