Aston Martin reveals new hybrid supercar

The new partly electrical powered vehicle was revealed at their racing team's Silverstone headquarters ahead of the British Grand Prix this Sunday (July 18) where Aston Martin will compete for the first time in 61 years.

Aston Martin's chief executive officer Tobias Moers said the carmaker had started on a ''good path'' in developing hybrid automotive technology and says the new Valhalla can drive for 10 to 15 miles in electric-only mode.

A distance he believes will become an industry standard for performance.

The Valhalla will be powered by a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine which will be linked to electric motors, giving it the ability to hit a top speed of 217mph (349 km).

Aston Martin has yet to reveal the car's cost which it will likely announce ahead of the car's introduction to the production line.

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