Astrology Twitter is fighting over whether Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lied about her birth time

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Hell hath no fury like Astrology Twitter. 

Whether a crush, a nemesis, or your very own congressional representative, nothing exposes someone's true self like a complete birth chart. (OK, there are lots of things that show your true colors, but your star placement is much easier to obtain.) 

Twitter users who care deeply about astrology are convinced that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez faked her birth time for ... a better natal chart.  

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Finding out someone's birth time is the achievement to end all achievements. A natal chart is essentially pseudoscience for explaining why you are the way you are; Co-Star, an astrology app, describes it as an "astronomical snapshot of the sky based on the exact day, time, and place you were born." The placement of certain stars, astrology enthusiasts reason, can influence your behavior and desires. 

While birthdays and places of birth of celebrities and politicians tend to be publicly available, birth times are a bit trickier to obtain. Shortly after Ocasio-Cortez was inaugurated, a constituent and astrologer asked one of her staffers for her time of birth to complete her natal chart. 

The representative was born at 11:50 a.m. on Oct. 13, 1989 in The Bronx. That means she's a Libra sun with an Aries moon and a Sagittarius rising — Allure sums it all up as "a person who is passionate and action-oriented, an idea-driven communicator with a strong grasp of the intangibles." 

Which is a pretty dope combination of traits for a legislator, but some people think Ocasio-Cortez lied about her birth time so her chart would show more desirable characteristics. 

The January tweet proclaiming her birth time resurfaced on Monday when Desus and Mero producer Muna Mire quote tweeted it, shedding a light on the heated debate in the comments. 

"How accurate is this?" one Twitter user commented. "Because people will say anything ... and I wouldn't put it past a Libra woman to say anything to not be bothered." 

A discussion followed, and some Twitter users insinuated that Ocasio-Cortez wasn't giving out her real time to protect herself.

One Twitter user compared it to the birther conspiracy that Obama dealt with all throughout his presidency. 

While others on the site pointed out just how ridiculous the whole thing is. 

Maybe this is a wake-up call for greater transparency in politics — specifically because we don't have time for another Gemini president

We reached out to Ocasio-Cortez's Washington, D.C. and Jackson Heights offices to confirm that the screenshot of the email with her birth time is real, but neither office picked up and both mailboxes were full. 

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