Astronauts arrive in Cape Canaveral

Crew arrives at cape canaveral ahead of flight to International Space Station; It's the first crew flight using SpaceX's recycled Falcon rocket and Dragon capsul. (April 16)

Video Transcript

SHANE KIMBROUGH: It is awesome being at Kennedy Space Center, especially on launch week like Colonel [INAUDIBLE] was talking about. It's definitely getting real. Our crew is really well trained, extremely well trained.

MEGAN MCARTHUR: Great to see everybody here. It's really great to be here. We come in on the plane over here. And we got to fly by the pad and see our rocket getting ready to go. And it's just an amazing feeling. I've gotten to do that before. And really, there's nothing like it when you look out the window and see a spaceship getting prepared and realize that you're gonna be riding on it in a few days.