Astronauts arrive in Florida for SpaceX's second crewed flight to space

A group of four astronauts - two from the U.S., one from France and one from Japan - arrived at Cape Canaveral on April 16, saying it's "a new era for manned flights."

Video Transcript

THOMAS PRESQUET: I'm excited to be here at [? KSC ?] because I haven't been here before. I've been an astronaut for more than 10 years, so kind of a veteran, and yet I'm discovering everything here. This is all new to me.

SHANE KIMBROUGH: Our crew is really well trained, extremely well trained from the NASA, the SpaceX, and the international partner teams. We are really excited and ready to go. I'm going to introduce to you one of my crewmates, the only one of our crew that's wearing a Mach 26 patch, and that's our pilot, Megan McArthur.

MEGAN MCARTHUR: Well the whole thing, of course, is exciting. Getting to fly on a new vehicle, getting to stay in space long duration is something obviously completely new for me. I think it's going to be like the difference between visiting a country for a business trip and then maybe moving there you longer term, so I'm looking forward to seeing what those differences are. And I'm very lucky to have three very experienced crewmates, actually probably five very experienced crewmates who are going to really be able to show me the ropes. So I think it's going to be a lot of fun and I just really looking forward to the whole experience getting started. Thanks.