Astronauts could be shredding on the Moon’s surface with this fully-electric Moon motorbike

Hookie Co. has created this fully-electric motorcycle designed to play a part in interstellar mobility. The Tardigrade is a 8.5 feet long fully-electric motorcycle with a tubular exoskeleton that has a 68 mile range when fully charged. This won’t replace the rover but adds an additional source of transportation on the moon's surface, and while on Earth the Tardigrade is 300 lbs. On the moon, the motorcycle will only weigh 50 lbs. Learn more at

Transcript: Moon motorcycle concept. The Tardigrade is not your average motorcycle designed by the German-based company Hookie. This concept is for astronaut transportation on the moon. The electric bike is 8.5 feet long with a tubular exoskeleton. When fully charged, the Tardigrade has a max range of 68 miles, and while the moon motorcycle weighs 300 lbs on earth. It will only be 50 lbs thanks to the moon’s gravitational force. Tardigrade will be exhibited at the Petersen Automotive Museum.

Video Transcript


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