Astros welcome fans back, but not all follow mask requirement

Fans are back! And masks are required unless you're actively eating or drinking - a rule not everyone seemed to be following.

Video Transcript

- The 2021 Astros home opener felt looked and sounded like any other. There were packed sections of fans, full concourses, and all the ballpark food-- sights, smells, and sounds Astros fans have waited 500 days for.

- Wow. Just the smell of the Cracker Jacks and the peanuts and the fans just clapping and cheering. I feel-- it feels amazing. It feels very amazing.

- It's like, I'm home! I'm home!

- That's it, goose bumps. Literally, goose bumps.

- Last year, fans were welcomed to Minute Maid Park. It's different this season.

- It's amazing, man. Like, a long time coming. We we're waiting for so long to go back to Minute Maid in person.

- Fans are back, but it doesn't look the same. We're still in a pandemic. Capacity is capped at 50%. There are some sections that look like normal and others where fans are socially distanced.

There are also new rules. Mask are required unless you're actively eating or drinking-- a rule not everyone seemed to be following.

- Nobody's really wearing their mask. Once they get to the seat, they take it off. It's-- it is what it is.

- Yeah, I feel like they should so, you know, like, everything didn't go back to normal faster, you know? And then again, also to, you know, like, if someone does have it, you know, they won't-- they won't spread it to anybody.

- There were plenty of fans wearing masks. As we walked the concourse and went into sections, you could easily spot people not following the rules.

- So we want to be here, you know? So I'll put on the mask. My kids are wearing masks, you know? But it is what it is.

- Safety guidelines fans want to see followed so they can continue to cheer on their Astros in 2021.

- I felt like a little kid. I just wanted to stay there and just-- just sit right there and not even go to my seat. I just-- I felt like-- like, "Field of Dreams."