At Large Podcast: Blazers assistant coach Jonathan Yim

Welcome to “At Large with Alex Wong,” a podcast where I’ll be sitting down with athletes, celebrities, media personalities and generally interesting people to dive beyond the surface and find out who these people really are.

Portland Trail Blazers assistant coach Jonathan Yim once coached a high school team who played on a carpet floor to a winless season. The strangest part of that story: he has very fond memories of that year, when he helped a bunch of kids improve at the game of basketball, and when they finally won a game the following year, he sat in the locker room and almost cried.

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be an assistant coach in the NBA. Players and head coaches earn the headlines, but behind the scenes, the coaching staff plays a significant role in how a team performs on a night-to-night basis.

On this episode of “At Large with Alex Wong,” Yim talks about his journey from high school coach to the NBA, his dreams of one day becoming a head coach, his close friendship with Ed Davis, the time a snake showed up in the locker room, how he motivates himself away from the basketball court, and more.