ATF Agents Respond To Back-To-Back House Fire, Car Explosion In North Huntingdon

It was a busy weekend for police in North Huntingdon, dealing with a house fire and a car explosion that happened just 10 minutes apart; KDKA's Meghan Schiller reports.

Video Transcript

- A busy weekend for police in North Huntington dealing with a house fire and car explosion that happened just 10 minutes apart. Meghan Schiller's at the scene of that car explosion with more on the investigation. Meghan.

MEGHAN SCHILLER: Ken, for some reason the feds were called, and ATF will not confirm whether any of these scenes are at all related. But we do know that ATF agents responded to three separate incidents in Westmoreland County in a 48 hour timeframe. It started late Saturday night in North Huntington. A house fire broke out on North Thompson Lane. The fire didn't destroy the home but did some damage, and we spotted charred clothes, dressers, and pieces of the roof scattered through the front yard.

Less than 45 minutes later, just before midnight Saturday night, a classic car exploded.

- I heard a tremendous explosion.

- It felt like a little earthquake.

MEGHAN SCHILLER: The car side parked in front of a garage along Clay Pike. Neighbors say the blast shook the ground.

- It woke me up. And I looked out the window. I knew it was something pretty violent. The whole neighborhood woke up.

- It was just a loud bang. And I just felt the ground shake, and it really scared me.

MEGHAN SCHILLER: Investigators from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms and Explosives took pictures and processed the scene. And the supervisor said this.

- There is a lot of damage to the front of the car. We do believe this was an intentional criminal act.

MEGHAN SCHILLER: Back out at the scene on Monday, we spotted damaged siding and debris. Investigators from ATF did respond to both scenes out here in North Huntington, and those investigators also responded to the scene in Penn Township, where the Westmoreland County coroner confirmed Monday morning the discovery of two bodies.

The homeowner here did not want to talk to KDKA News. The damage, just the siding and the roof out here. Now we also know that ATF said North Huntington Police were also involved in this investigation. They did not return my calls by news time. Reporting live in North Huntington, Meghan Schiller. KDKA News.