Athletes: Bans on transgender players must stop

A group of athletes, coaches and advocates are calling on the NCAA to take a more strident stand against states that adopt laws banning transgender athletes from competing in organized sports. (April 9)

Video Transcript

CECE TELFER: My name is Cece Telfer. I am a Division II national champion. And as a former NCAA athlete, I definitely want to thank the NCAA and commend them for how they treated me as an athlete, newly to them and their environment and to know that I am not a threat. But we are definitely asking the NCAA and you guys to do more.

As an athlete, I-- as a trans-athlete, first of all, I'm not a-- I'm not a threat to women's sports, because I am a woman. Second of all, there's no sort of advantage that personally I have or I see. The-- the-- the joy and beauty of finally embracing myself and being in a sport that I love and being on that line with the women that I'm supposed-- the women I'm supposed to be with.

CHERYL REEVE: Championship teams are built from players that have this internal drive, motivation. So it really diminishes the athlete to suggest that somehow you know, being bigger or stronger gives you this advantage. I want to play against those players every day of the week with players that are undersized and the ones that have this internal drive to be great. That's what makes championship-level basketball. That's why we've been champions four times. Simply put, trans inclusion makes our sports, our teams, and our communities stronger.