Atlanta Braves CEO reacts to Hank Aaron's death

The baseball great and one-time home run king Hank Aaron has died. The Atlanta Braves said he died peacefully in his sleep early Friday. (Jan. 22)

Video Transcript

DEREK SCHILLER: You know, he's a guy who, in most ways, in every way, he basically is the Braves. I mean, our brand is, and our team is who we are, because of Hank Aaron. I know there are a lot of guys who have worn the uniform but none like Hank, obviously.

And not only the way he wore the uniform on the field, many accomplishments, but but how he represented himself and what he did during that journey as a ball player off the field. And then, and then really, how he could have gone and done, you know, very little off the field, but took on so much, represented our community, represented baseball. On behalf of the Braves' country, we lost, we lost a legend today, but more importantly, we lost an unbelievably great person, a one of a kind. So it's a tough day for Braves' country.