Atlanta Mayor Bottoms on decision not to seek re-election: ‘Made from a position of strength’

Speaking to the press on Friday, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said her decision not to seek a second term was “made from a position of strength and not weakness.”

Video Transcript

KEISHA LANCE BOTTOMS: I don't know what's next for me personally and for our family. But what I do know is that this is a decision made from a position of strength and not weakness I've raised the money. I had the most success fundraiser of any mayor in the history of this city with President Joe Biden.

I polled it. Nearly 70% of the people in this city still like me. If the race for mayor were held today, I would win this race without a runoff. That's not me making it up-- I've seen the poll numbers.

And even with all of those things that I know to be true and I know what I could do-- just because you can do it doesn't always necessarily mean that you should do it. I can be mayor again. But there is a reason that there are elections every four years. And in the same way the people have the opportunity to make a decision every four years, candidates also have the opportunity to make a decision. And the decision that I have made after thoughtful prayer and consideration is not to seek another term as mayor of this city.

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