Atlanta mayor says she won’t condone ‘victim blaming’ in Tuesday’s spa shootings

During a press conference on Wednesday morning, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms responded to a reporter’s question about the type of spas that were targeted in three shootings on Tuesday night. The question was based on Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department Capt. Jay Baker’s statement that the suspect in the shooting said he had a sexual addiction. Bottoms said Atlanta officials believe that the targeted businesses were operating legally.

Video Transcript

- Can you explain a little bit more about what the locations were that were targeted. The sheriff he a sexual-- sexual addiction. Were they places where somebody could have had sexual encounters, or were they more traditional spa-like venues?

KEISHA LANCE BOTTOMS: We are not about to get into victim blaming, victim shaming here. As far as we know in Atlanta, we have not had any calls-- 911 calls-- from that location. I believe one minor call on someone stealing some keys. So we don't additional information about what his motives were. But we certainly will not begin to blame victims. And as far as we know in Atlanta, these are legally operating businesses that have not been on our radar, not on the radar of APD.