Atlanta Mom Charged With Leaving Kids in Hot Car for 16 Minutes


A mother of four in Atlanta, Ga., is facing charges of reckless endangerment after she left her children in a car while shopping at a grocery store for 16 minutes.

Charnae Mosley, 27, became the latest parent to face charges and criticism in what has become a summer full of reports of children being left in hot vehicles.

Police in Atlanta say that Mosley left four children, ages 1 through 6, in the car, with windows rolled down, in 90 degree heat for about 16 minutes Monday afternoon while shopping in the grocery store Kroeger.

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A witness called 911 and reported that there were children who had been abandoned in a vehicle, prompting a nearby officer to come check on the children, according to a police report obtained by ABC News.

When the officer arrived, Mosley was unloading groceries into her car. The officer warned her of the dangers of leaving children unattended in cars and then proceeded to watch surveillance video in Kroeger to determine that Mosley had been in the store for 16 minutes, according to the report.

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The officer was then instructed by the Atlanta Police Department's Youth Squad Investigator to arrest Mosley on charges of reckless conduct.

She will appear in front of a judge today on four counts of reckless conduct.

The children were given water and evaluated, but determined to be fine.

"They were checked out by EMS and are OK, thankfully," Sgt. Gregory Lyons told WSBTV. "(Mosley) has been charged with four counts of reckless conduct and she'll be going to Fulton County Jail this evening."

Mosley is being held on $8,000 bail. Her family did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

Earlier this year, single mom Shanesha Taylor was arrested when she left her toddler sons in a car while she went inside for a job interview in Scottsdale, Ariz. She told police that her babysitting arrangement had cancelled at the last minute and she needed the job to take care of her family. Her plight created an outpouring of support that raised more than $140,000 for Taylor. Earlier this month she reached a deal with prosecutors to drop the charges in exchange for taking parenting classes and setting up a trust fund for her children with the donations.

Georgia dad Justin Ross Harris has been charged with murder after he allegedly left his son in his car and went to work. Harris claims he is innocent and simply forgot the boy was in the back.