Atlanta police, fire give tour of new training facility site

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Acre by acre, leaders with the Atlanta Police Department and Atlanta Fire showed the next steps in the pre-construction phase at the 85-acre site for the new Atlanta Law Enforcement Training Facility.

Atlanta police said they’ve been listening to input from the surrounding community about the layout.

APD said all entrances and exits will be on the industrial side of the campus near Constitution Road.

In the residential area near Key Road, it will be home to a horse pasture and stable for the police department’s mounted patrol.

“What we’re building is what other first-class cities have already. We’re building what is already present in our state and region,” Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum said.


The site has been embroiled in controversy from protestors who fear the site will militarize law enforcement.

Schierbaum said they’ll be assessing security plans during construction.

Earlier this week, the City of Atlanta’s finance committee approved its share of the more than $30 million of the $90 million price tag.

“Public safety in this city is constantly evolving it’s moving at the same pace as the world and we need to make sure that our public safety workers, police fire, and corrections are trained to meet the needs of the time and into the future,” Atlanta Fire Chief Roderick Smith said.