Atlanta Woman Shot and Injured After Ignoring Man's Catcalls


An Atlanta couple suffered a near-fatal attack after the woman declined a man’s advances, Atlanta’s CBS affiliate reports.

Meairra Mansara and her boyfriend, Juwan Davis, were riding scooters near Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Friday morning when a man started catcalling Mansara from a black Dodge Charger. Davis stepped in to tell the man to stop verbally harassing Mansara and that’s when things turned violent.

According to witness, Samuel Savage, the man fired close to five shots at Mansara and Davis as they tried to flee on the scooters. One of the bullets stuck Manara in her shin and shattered her tibia.

“From the distance I see someone go down,” Savage said while detailing how he rushed to Mansara’s aid. “It was really heartbreaking. She was screaming, she was crying, and she kept grabbing her phone to call her mom.”

The fire department arrived to treat the wound before emergency workers arrived at the scene. The victim’s mother claims that Mansara will have a permanent rod placed in her leg and will require at least six weeks of physical rehab. Davis was not injured by the gunfire.

Police have not shared additional details about the dispute leading up to the shooting and are still looking for the suspect. But, residents agree that whoever opened fire on the woman isn’t the type of citizen that belongs in Atlanta.

“It’s definitely a cowardly act to try and shoot somebody just because they don’t want to talk to you,” another witness Leshon Jones said while Savage added: “Take your licks and just go on there to someone else… Don’t take it out on someone who rejected you.”

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