Attack on civilian convoy in Zaporizhzhia: 30 killed, including two children; 88 injured


As a result of the attack on a humanitarian convoy of civilian cars in the city of Zaporizhzhia on Friday, 30 people were killed and 88 injured.

Source: Ihor Klymenko, Head of the National Police of Ukraine, cited by the press service of the police, on Facebook

Details: Two children are among those killed: an 11-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy. A 3-year-old girl was injured.

Klymenko also stated that a 36-year-old employee of the local Strategic Investigations Department was killed; another 27 police officers of the Berdiansk district were injured, 4 of whom were in serious condition. The police officers were on duty, maintaining public order.

Quote: "At the moment, we know that Russian forces struck people with modernised S-300 missiles. The craters left by these modified missiles are not very deep, but the range of their blast wave is much larger. Therefore, the area affected and the force are greater.

Russian soldiers knew there were a lot of people at that location, especially in the morning. They hit this place intentionally. This attack was a deliberate, massive murder."

Previously: Russian forces carried out a missile strike on the city of Zaporizhzhia on Friday around 7:30. They hit a humanitarian convoy of civilian cars attempting to enter the occupied territory [of Zaporizhzhia Oblast] in the vicinity of the car market. Earlier reports on the attack recorded 25 killed and approximately 50 injured.

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