Attack On Indian Man In Brooklyn Caught On Camera

New York City's Indian community is rallying after surveillance video shows an Indian man being attacked with a hammer in Brooklyn; CBS2's Kiran Dhillon reports.

Video Transcript

JESSICA MOORE: We begin tonight with that attack on an Indian man in Brooklyn. Right now police are not calling it a hate crime. CBS News Kiran Dhillon joins us from South Richmond Hill, Queens, where a group of Indian Americans is gathering to speak out. Kiran.

KIRAN DHILLON: Jessica, the community believes that this attack was motivated by hate, and that the victim was targeted because of his religious attire, in particular, his turban. Meanwhile, the entire attack was caught on camera. This surveillance video shows 32-year-old Sumit Ahulawalia into the lobby of a Brooklyn hotel after he was confronted by an unknown man outside the premises on Monday morning. The suspect then appears to hit Ahulawalia in the head with a hammer before running off. Ahulawalia says right before the attack the suspect told him he didn't like him because of the color of his skin and also spit in his face.

Police say they are now investigating the incident and searching for a suspect. But the South Asian community wants the case investigated as an anti-Asian assault. Meanwhile, Ahulawalia, who is a new immigrant from India says the incident has left him shaken up and saddened

SUMIT AHULAWALIA: Now is a feeling I'm scared some- somehow. But now when I'm going to work, like when I'm walking, I have some fear like maybe somebody coming. Everyone come to this country with a new hope, but now is something other feeling in the mind, like, why even I didn't say anything, not my fault. Why I get this, right?

KIRAN DHILLON: So Ahulawalia did suffer minor injuries to his head, which included internal bleeding. He is expected to be OK. We're live tonight in South Richmond Hill, Queens, Kiran Dhillon, CBS 2 News.

JESSICA MOORE: All right, Kiran, thank you.