Attacks on Big Tech likely at White House social media 'summit'

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    I'm not saying these tech companies don't need their leash pulled, but Trump and his sycophants aren't going after them for say, monetizing people's private data, or some of the actual problems with the industry, they are going after them for personal political gain.
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    You know it's sad when when the Billon dollar corporations are more trust worthy then the government.
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    So he's going to meet with a bunch of white supremacist trolls on how refine Moscow's message?
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    funny how these titles come out the Liberals don't want anything to do with going after Google or Facebook about there blatant disregard for the First Amendment
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    Trump attacks, but then backs down... Talk for his dumbbells cult..
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    Lizzie wants to break them up.
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    Sounds good, Big Tech needs to be knocked down a peg.
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    The Dems will appreciate the
    large influx of money from
    Big Tech. Thanks for shooting
    your BIG mouth off Trump!!!
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    Damn can we have one day in news with the picture of the worst president ever next to Nixon that is
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    Just tell this moron to shut up