Attacks on Sumy Oblast: more than 130 strikes within 24 hours

Russian occupiers carried out 17 attacks on Sumy Oblast; 131 explosions were recorded during 19 May.

Source: Sumy Oblast Military Administration on Facebook

Details: The Shalyhyne hromada [an administrative unit designating a town, village or several villages and their adjacent territories - ed.] was attacked from the AGS [automatic grenade launcher] (10 explosions).

The Russians fired mortars at the Putyvl hromada (three attacks).

The Russians fired mortars (three explosions) at the Khotin hromada, and a residential building was destroyed.

In the Yunakivka hromada, near the village of Sadky, three people were killed as a result of an explosive device dropped from an unmanned aerial vehicle on a car with employees of Sumyoblenerho [Sumy Oblast energy distributor company – ed.]. There were also 10 artillery attacks (explosions), as well as attacks with multiple rocket launchers (34 explosions) and mortars (6 explosions).

On the territory of the Krasnopillia hromada, the Russians fired mortars (14 explosions), multiple rocket launchers (20 explosions) and artillery (six explosions).

The Velyka Pysarivka hromada was attacked with multiple rocket launchers (20 explosions).

There was artillery shelling (six explosions) in the Bilopillia hromada.

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