Attempted exorcism leads to arrest

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Jun. 10—Officers responded to a church after a man asked for demons to be cast out of a woman.

On June 3, Tahlequah Police Officer Steven Smith was asked to check on a man who was being aggressive with employees of Cornerstone Fellowship Church.

Smith arrived and made contact with a man and Amber Duvall in the parking lot of the church.

"[He] stated that he was at Cornerstone to talk to Pastor Allen about casting the demons out of Duvall and he wasn't leaving until Allen [Nolan] helped both of them like Cherokee Nation had helped them," Smith wrote in his police report.

Smith met with Drew Sampsel, Bobby Musgrove Jr., and T.J. Scrapper inside the entrance of the church. Musgrove stated the man was in church on Sunday when he sat in on the service.

"He said that they had talked to him after the service and he was talking about casting out demons and how he was the prophet," said Smith.

Musgrove said he spoke with the man over the phone, but had to end the conversation because he wasn't making any sense.

"Musgrove advised that they had to block him from Facebook because of the statements [he] was making. Musgrove stated he had talked to Allen about [the man] and he wanted him trespassed from Cornerstone property.

Smith met with the man and Duvall and asked to see his ID. The man asked Smith if he was being detained and said he was there so Allen could get the demons out of Duvall.

"He gave me his driver's license so I asked my dispatcher to check for warrants and to see if his vehicle and his license were valid," said Smith. "The dispatcher advised that the vehicle had an expired tag on it."

The man couldn't produce valid insurance and Smith told him he wouldn't be allowed to drive the vehicle.

"When they picked out the stuff they wanted, they started to walk off cursing at me and telling me how wrong I was for lying to him, and taking their side on everything," Smith said.

The pair began walking away when Smith said they turned around and started walking back toward the vehicle. The pair said they didn't know how to get back to their hotel.

"When I told them how to get there, they started trying to to argue with me about the law and then asked to preach... saying I wasn't a godly man. I advised them that they needed to leave and not come back to the property," said Smith.

Duvall started yelling and told Smith to, "Fu** off and to go fu** yourself." Smith believed Duvall was under the influence of methamphetamine due to her demeanor. She was arrested and transported to the Cherokee County Detention Center for booking.

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