3 arrested after attempted kidnapping, 40 minute chase

While police investigated an attempted kidnapping in a Walmart parking lot, one of the suspects reportedly stole a bystander's car, and the chase began.

Video Transcript

SAMICA KNIGHT: While you were sleeping, an attempted kidnapping investigation sparked a 40-minute chase in North Houston. ABC 13's Charly Edsitty is joining us now, live, to break down exactly what happened here. Good morning, Charly.

CHARLY EDSITTY: Yes. Good morning to you, Samica. This one's a bit of a wild one with a lot of different details, so I'm going to try and carefully walk you through this. But right now, three suspects are in police custody after, as you said, some sort of an attempted kidnapping happened here in this Walmart parking lot right off the North Freeway at Crosstimbers, and then escalated into a police chase.

And so first, I want to show you this map, just to give you some perspective of where everything all started here at the Walmart and where it ended. Now, the Walmart we're at this morning is about five miles north from where police finally were able to catch up to two of the three suspects in this situation. Now, the first call for help came into police around 2 o'clock this morning for an attempted kidnapping.

Now, as officers were conducting their investigation out here into that situation, one of the three suspects apparently tried to steal a car of an innocent bystander, and then pulled that car into the Walmart parking lot, so then officers had to stop what they were doing and stop that man. But in the meantime, the two other suspects, inside of their own car, they decided to take off and lead police on a 40-minute chase.

Now, at times, they were driving on the freeways, endangering other drivers, and eventually, that chase ended a few miles south of where we're at, off Quitman and Gano Street.

- Several attempts at the pit maneuver were attempted. On the fourth try, officers were able to get the vehicle to stop, ordered the suspects out of the vehicle, and were able to detain them without incident.

CHARLY EDSITTY: And a little bit of good news this morning, it does not sound like any police officers were injured in all of this. But they did say that they found a gun inside of the car that led them on the chase, and one of the suspects inside that vehicle also has an extensive criminal history. And so this morning, all three of these suspects now facing charges, including evading police. We're live from North Houston, Charly Edsitty, ABC 13 Eyewitness News.