Attendance estimated at 3,500 for first citywide Dia de los Muertos event

Nov. 3—Decatur's first Dia de los Muertos event Wednesday night attracted about 3,500 people downtown, an organizer said today.

Dede Quarry, president of the Downtown Decatur Merchants Association, said her goal was to attract 2,000 people to the celebration. The event took place on the Second Avenue Northeast block between Lee Street and Moulton Street.

"We kind of put it in that one block because we were like, it's our first year, we want to make sure we have enough stuff, and we want it to be good and full. Next year we're going to have to extend it some," Quarry said. "I don't think we had enough room, but that's a good problem to have."

Taqueria El Palomino's food truck had a line of at least 200 people at one point, Quarry said. She said there was 90-minute wait for the food.

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