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Attorney Ben Crump Speaks Following Chauvin's Guilty Verdict

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A jury of 12 Minnesotans Tuesday found ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin guilty of second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in the death of George Floyd (10:05). WCCO 4 News - April 20, 2021

Video Transcript

BEN CRUMP: Thank you, Reverend Al Sharpton, not only for your mentorship, not only for being a great civil rights leader, but for being a moral authority. Especially making sure, no matter what happened, that we always maintained the moral high ground knowing that we were on the right side of history as we fought for justice for George Perry Floyd Jr. Say his name.

- George Floyd.

BEN CRUMP: I am a but a member of a great team of very talented attorneys and I'm going to acknowledge-- yeah, we got the [INAUDIBLE] Reverend Jackson, [INAUDIBLE]

- That's right.

BEN CRUMP: I want to acknowledge this great group of lawyers and then the family members. Two or three of the lawyers will address you, and then at that time we will hear from the family members before we take any of your questions. I want to acknowledge our great lawyer from Chicago, Illinois, one of the best I've ever had a chance to work with, Attorney Tony Roman Nuchi.

I want to recognize my partner on the front line in this case, one of the best lawyers, Ben Oldham. He hails from Atlanta, Georgia, Attorney Chris Stewart. His law partner Attorney Justin Miller. Attorney Madeline Simmons. A great Minnesota lawyers, Attorney Jeff Storms. Raise your hand, Jeff. Attorney Michelle Goodo. And who else we got here, anybody else? We have Attorney Scott Masterson who's not present. Attorney Bhavani. I said Michelle. We got Michelle. Hi. It's just a great group of lawyers.

And I want to let you know who we have present here with the family here in Minneapolis, for this historic day. We have our George Floyd's brothers. We have Felonis Floyd, we have Rodney Floyd, we have Brandon Williams, who's George Flore's nephew but was more like a son to him. They call him Woo back in the third war.

- Woo. Woo. Woo. Woo.

BEN CRUMP: We have Kena Floyd, Felonis' wife. We have--

- Terrence.

BEN CRUMP: Oh where's Terrence at? Terrence, where you at? We got Terrence Floyd. His sisters who are not with us but we should absolutely acknowledge. Bridget Floyd who hails from North Carolina, his sisters Natalia and Jaja who hail from Houston, Texas. We have his cousins, Sharita McGee, Teedra McGee, and Tara Brown.

And we have the mother of his daughter Janet Floyd. We have Roxy Washington and we have Jiana. And so, I'll make some brief remarks and then we're going to have Attorney Stewart. Oh you and your cousin-- Angela, cousin Paris, and uncle Sam Vince. [INAUDIBLE] Floyd family. I know it's a big crew.

AD. AD, the man he came to Minneapolis with. Anadarrell. So I'll make some brief remarks and then we're going to have Attorney Stewart and Attorney Roman Luchi make some brief remarks, and then we're going to hear from this family. And we're going to try to leave here today knowing that America is a better country.

- Yes, yes.

BEN CRUMP: America, let's pause for a moment to proclaim this historical moment not just for the legacy of George Floyd, but for the legacy of America. The legacy of trying to make America for all Americans, so that George Floyd's victory and America's quest for equal justice under the law will be intertwined.

America, let's frame this moment as a moment where we finally are getting close to living up to our Declaration of Independence. That we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equally, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights that amongst them are life and liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Well, America, that means all of us-- that means Black people, that means Hispanic people, that means native people, that means Asian people-- that means all of us, America.

We frame this moment for all of us, not just for George Floyd. This is a victory for those who champion humanity over inhumanity. Those who champion justice over injustice. Those who champion moral over immorality. America, let's lean in to this moment, and let's make sure, Reverend Al, that this moment will be documented for our children yet unborn as they continue on the journey to justice. Knowing that the blood of George Floyd will give them a trail to find a way to a better America, a more just America. A more just America where Breonna Taylor gets an opportunity to sleep in peace at night without the police busting in her front door. A more just America, where Ahmaud Arbery gets to run free, and not be lynched for jogging while Black.

A more just America where Jacob Blake and Anthony McClain and Walter Scott and Laquan McDonald and all these other Black men, Terrence Crutcher, who was shot in the back while running away like Daunte Wright was just a week ago. Because for some reason Black men running away from the police is more dangerous than young White men who commit mass murders and walk towards the police with an assault weapon. Reverend Brown, like Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin. America, let this be the precedent.

- Yes.

BEN CRUMP: Let this be the precedent where we live up to the high ideals and the promises when we say liberty and justice for all. Those sunkissed children are included in all. Those children who overcame slavery. The Middle Passage, the Dred Scott decision, Plessy B Ferguson, Jim Crow, and his much smarter wives' son, Jim Crow Jr. Esquire. Let this be the precedence where we overcome systematic racism and oppression. And that we are a better people and we will leave our children a better world, a better world for us all.

At this time we will hear from a great lawyer-- because nobody does this alone, it's always a team effort-- and we have the lawyers, the preachers, the civil rights leaders, the education leaders, the activists. Let's give a big round of applause for that activists. The people who stayed in the streets. The people who came nationally, but more importantly, the people who were here locally who were standing up for George Floyd on 38th and Chicago Avenue, day in and day out. [INAUDIBLE] go home will stay quiet Reverend Jackson, the people who followed your example.

- Don't forget about the witness.